Official Launch Summer 2023
The Prom on Netflix

“The Prom” Debuts on Netflix on December 11

Meryl Streep leads the film as Dee Dee, a Tony Award-winning actress who, along with her partner (James Corden) stars in a musical about Eleanor Roosevelt, endures a professional setback after their latest project flops. Teaming with veteran showgirl Angie (Kidman) and another actor, Trent (Andrew Rannells), the group travels to small-town Indiana to help Emma and her girlfriend (Ariana DeBose) push back against their high school’s controversial decision to bar them from attending their senior prom as a couple.

–>>Debuts on Netflix December 11


Meryl Streep
James Corden
Nicole Kidman
Keegan-Michael Key
Andrew Rannells
Ariana DeBose
Kerry Washington
Jo Ellen Pellman
Tracey Ullman
Kevin Chamberlin
Mary Kay Place
Logan Riley
Nico Greetham
Sofia Deler
Nathaniel J. Potvin



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